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September 27, 2015





In the set of Monsieur Beaucaire, speak French please !

There is much talk in France and in French "Monsieur Beaucaire" the Paramount film directed by Sidney Olcott. Already the story is set in France in 1745 at the court of Louis XV.Playing the film, there are some French. Paulette Duval dancer who made the heyday of the Casino de Paris, which has hired Ziegfeld Follies in its New York, will play for the first time in an American film.She interprets the Marquise de Pompadour. The actor André Daven, Belgian, hired for its resemblance to Rudolph Valentino who plays his brother in the film.


The costumes in number 350 were designed by George Barbier, painter and illustrator born in Nantes. They are made in a workshop in Paris.
According to Exhibitors Trade, a French atmosphere exudes on the set of Paramount studio in Long Island. All the dialogues of the film were written in French to bring a touch more realistic. It is not a problem for Valentino that if one believes the periodical speaks perfect French. As Bebe Daniels and Lowell Sherman. As for Lois Wilson, she took French classes and is a diligent student. L'Echo d'Alger, meanwhile says qu'Olcott is francophone.
Press does not say if the 120 other film actors and 100 extras have to learn the language of Molière.

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