Sidney Olcott, the First Eye 
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 !  Acknowledgements
Among the people I wanted to thank:

Colette Gougeon, my wife, who often had to share the time and space of my research.

Liam O'Leary (1910-1992), director, archivist, memory of Irish cinema, who all his life sought to build an Irish film library. Our correspondence and a meeting at his home in Dublin encouraged me to deepen my work.

Jean Mitry (1904-1988), see previous page.

Robert S. Birchard (1950-2016). Hollywood animated film editor and film historian, he is the author of an article on Kalem and Olcott in American Cinematographer, 1984. He was very surprised to learn that a Frenchman had read his paper. We met in Los Angeles. Bob has firsthand material including the shooting of From the Manger to the Cross.

Herbert Reynolds. A professor at Columbia University in New York, he's a specialist in the history of Kalem. At his home in Queens, we shared an ear of corn and chicken wings and traded on Olcott. His contribution to Kevin Rockett's Filmography of Irish Cinema (Red Mountain Media, Dublin 1996) is essential.

And then: Jackie Morris (National Film Archive, London), Charles Musser (Museum of Modern Art, New York), Katharine Loughney (Library of Congress, Washington DC), Jan-Christopher Horak (George Eastman House, Rochester, NY), John Reitzhammer, film producer, collector of films shot in Florida and others who will excuse me for not mentioning them.


Première Passion, a film about the shooting of From the Manger to the Cross, directed by Philippe Baron and produced by Vivement lundi! I was historical consultant for it.

©2009 Michel Derrien