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 !  Robert Henderson-Bland, actor, soldier and poet 

The British actor has made only half a dozen films. His role as Christ in From the Manger to the Cross changed his life.

After playing Christ, in From the Manger to the Cross, Robert Henderson-Bland confesses, "It is bathos to return to the ordinary recital again and strange as it may seem, I feel that I shall never be able to pick up my life where I dropped it on the Hill of the World's Redemption." (From the Manger to the Cross, p 72).

However, the Englishman continued his career as an actor in the theater and cinema. Between 1920 and 1921, he appeared in half a dozen films. (see opposite).
He had a brilliant First World War. Within the 5th British Army. In particular in the Somme and Ypres... Wounded in France, in April 1918, he ended the war with the rank of captain.

At the same time, Robert Henderson-Bland composed poems that were published. We also owe him two autobiographical books: From the Manger to the Cross (Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1922), where he describes the shooting of the film. And Actor, Soldier and Poet (Heath Cranton Limited, London, 1939), where he repeats, almost in full, the pages of his first book and where he tells us the episodes of his military commitment.

Robert Henderson-Bland died on August 20, 1941, in London, during a German air raid. He was 65 years old. He is buried in East Finchley Cemetery in Westminster.


In the cinema, we find Robert Henderson-Bland in the credits of the following English films: General Post (1920) by Thomas Bentley (see above); Mr Gilfil's Love Story (1920) by A.V. Bramble; A Cigarette Maker's Romance (1920) by Tom Watts; Tangled Hearts (1920) by William J. Humphrey and Gwyneth of the Welsh Hills (1921) by F. Martin Thornton.

Robert David Hyde dedicates a website to his family with a chapter to his uncle Robert Henderson-Bland.

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