Sidney Olcott, the First Eye
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 !  The Films Released in 1911
For Love of an Enemy  Her Chum's Brother
The Secret of the Still The Little Sister
Grandmother's War Story The Open Road
Sailor Jack's Reformation The Irish Honeymoon
The Diver A War Time Escape
A Sawmill Hero The Lass Who Couldn't Forget
By a Woman's Wit In Old Florida
The Fiddle's Requiem When the Dead Return
The Carnival In Blossom Time
Tangled Lives The Railroad Raiders of '62
The Little Soldier of '64 To the Aid of Stonewall Jackson
Hubby's Day at Home The Colonel's Son
 The Romance of a Dixie Belle Special Messenger
Rory O'More Losing to Win
The Colleen Bawn The Fishermaid of Ballydavid
Among the Irish Fisher Folk Arrah-na-Pogue

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