Sidney Olcott, the First Eye
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 !  The Films Released in 1907
A Runaway Sleighbelle The Dog Snatcher
Bowser's House Cleaning The Gentleman Farmer
A Hobo Hero The Pony Express
The New Hired Man
The Tenderfoot
Off For the Day The Sea Wolf
The Parson's Picnic The Book Agent
Dot Leedle German Band A One Night Stand
Who'll Do the Washing Peggy's Camping Party
The Wooing of Miles Standish Nature Fakirs
The Amateur Dectective The Red Man's Way
Chinese Slave Smuggling The Spring Gun
Nathan Hale The Goldbrick
It Was Mother-in-Law The Rival Motorists
Bill Butt-in and the Burglar Troubles of a Tramp
The Lost Mine Woman Cruel Woman
A Dramatic Rhearsal School Days


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