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May 16, 2016





Films directed by Sidney Olcott still extant

Of the hundreds of films directed by Sidney Olcott, some survived. They are fifty on that date, classified by alphabetical order.
They are roughly representative of the career of Canadian. There are indeed a band of his time for American Mutoscope and Biograph Company. Kalem films shot in Fort Lee, in Florida, in Ireland, in Egypt and in Palestine.
Both Mary Pickford for Famous Players inaugurating, for him, the period of the star system that sees the power of directors passing in the hands of producers and their leading actors or actress.
Films for independant companies when Olcott directed his films freelance.
Finally the contract period with major studios including Paramount, where he made films with Rudoph Valentio, Glora Swanson, and First National with Norma Talmadge and Richard Barthelmess.

•  2 am in the Subway (1904)

•  Ben Hur (1908) •  The Girl Spy (1909) •  The Further Adventures of the Girl Spy (1910) •  The Railway Mail Clerk (1910)

•  The Girl Spy Before Vicksburg (1910) •  Navajo's Bride (1910) •  The Conspiracy of Pontiac (1910)

•  The Lad From Old Ireland (1910) •  When Lovers Part (1910) •  The Colleen Bawn (1911)

•  Her Chum's Brother (1911) •  The Diver (1911) •  The Fiddler's Requiem (1911) •  The Little Soldier of '64 (1911)

•  Rory O'More (1911) •  A Sawmill Hero (1911) •  Special Messenger (1911) •  Tangled Lives (1911)

•  Railroad Raider's of '62 (1911) •  A War Time Escape (1911) •  By a Woman's Wit (1911)

•  Egypt as it Was in Time of Moses (1912) •  An Arabian Tragedy (1912) •  Captured by Bedouins (1912)

•  Winning a Widow (1912) •  Down Through the Ages (1912) •  Ancient Temples of Egypt (1912)

•  From the Manger to the Cross (1912) •  His Mother (1912) •  You Remember Ellen (1912)

•  Come Back to Erin (1914) •  For Ireland's Sake (1914) •  Bold Emmett, Ireland's Martyr (1915)

•  Madame Butterfly (1915) •  Poor Little Peppina (1916) •  The Smugglers (1916)

•  Marriage for Convenience (1918) •  The Right Way (1921) •  God's Country and the Law (1921)

•  Timothy's Quest (1922) •  The Little Old New York (1923) •  The Green Goddess (1923)

•  The Humming Bird (1924) •  Monsieur Beaucaire (1924) •  The Only Woman (1924)

•  Ranson's Folly (1926) •  The Amateur Gentleman (1926)

•  The Claw (1927)

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