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February 10, 2015





On RTE Radio, Tony Tracy tells the story of The O'Kalems

This is not an old archive but a radio show on RTE, the Irish public radio entitled "The History Show." March 23, 2014, Myles Dugan received Tony Tracy, the producer of "Blazing the Trail : The O'Kalem" directed by Peter Flynn. An Irish-American documentary about the adventure of the O'Kalems in Ireland. Long 90 minutes, the film is the bonus of a DVD set that brings Irish films Olcott who have survived the test of time.

Peter and Tony contacted me as their film was already in post-production. I gave them some pictures of my collection, especially the image of Sidney Olcott standing leader Valentine Grant. They thank me in the credits and points out the existence of my site
It was too late for them to interview me. I have brought a different story than the one included in many stories of cinema I beat a hole in my book "Sidney Olcott, le premier il." Including the statement that the films Olcott some of which had an openly nationalistic, strongly displeased the British authorities.

In a future post I'll husk this film has the merit to put a spotlight on Olcott and show some of the films that are among the finest of his career.

The DVD set includes "The Lad from Old Ireland" (1910) ; "Rory O'More" (1911) ; "The Colleen Bawn" (1911) ; "His Mother" (1911) ; "You Remember Ellen" (1911) ; "For Ireland's Sake" (1913) ; "Come Back to Erin" (1913) ; "Bold Emmett, Ireland's Martyr" (1914)...

The DVD is available on the website of the Irish Film Institute and my book on the Internet.

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