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November 11, 2015





In Olcott's Building, the Heiress of a Newfound Oil Tycoon Strangled

Georgette Elise Bauerdorf lives El Palacio Apartments, located at 8483 Fountain Avenue, West Hollywood in Los Angeles. An elegant building where Valentine Grant and Sidney Olcott remain as the 1940 Federal Census.
Georgette, born May 6, 1924, is the daughter of George Bauerdorf, industrial oil, originally from Elko, Nevada.
Georgette is a volunteer hostess at the Hollywood Canteen, a club born in 1942, which provides soldiers with food and entertainment permission. It was created by two stars : Bette Davis and John Garfield and Jules Stein composer. Over 3 000 volunteers from the entertainment industry will act as cooks, servers, housekeeping personnel, danseurs. October 12, 1944, a domestic Georgette found dead, her head buried in her bathtub. This is murder.
The day before, she cashed a check for € 175 and bought an airline ticket for € 90 El Paso (Texas) for she said, to see her fiancé, a soldier, Jerome Brown, Chicago member air defense. They met on 13 June in the Canteen.
She left the club to 23.15. She had lunch with her father's secretary and the two women had stores.
According to the survey, the young woman was attacked by a man who seemed to be waiting in the apartment.
The theft does not seem to be the primary motive. Her jewels were not stolen but missing $ 100 in his wallet but it remains a small fortune in the open trunk.
The autopsy results show that there are signs of a struggle. It was constricted with a fabric.
A neighbor says he was awakened about 2:30 by the cries of a woman saying, "Stop, stop! You're going to kill me! "Then the noise stops. He thinks an ordinary family dispute and returns to bed.
The police investigation was never possible to clarify the circumstances of the murder or arrest the culprit. The young woman was buried in New York.


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