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March 2, 2015





Olcott shoots " The Amateur Gentleman " in a famous lawyer house

When looking on the Internet the name of Samuel S. Hinds, one falls on Wikipedia and movie databases such as IMDb. And describes the career of the actor, born in 1875 in New York, died in Pasadena, California, in 1948. It is not a star but his filmography includes some outstanding films by Frank Lloyd, George Cukor , Frank Capra, WS van Dyke, Henry Hathaway, Victor Fleming, Gregory La Cava, Tay Garnett, Mervyn LeRoy , Fritz Lang, Robert Siodmark, Joseph Losey... His most memorable roles is that of James Stewart 's father in " It's a Beautiful Life " ( 1946).
Yet the life of Samuel S. Hinds began long before the movies. His father is an easy printer, a friend of Mark Twain and Thomas Edison... He graduated from Harvard and New York University Law School. He is a lawyer in sight, in New York and California.

He is rich and built, in 1916, a beautiful mansion in Pasadena, at 880 Loma Road. A 700 m2 house, with eight bedrooms and four bathrooms, built by the architectural firm Marston & Van Pelt. He is part of the local theater company.
In 1926, his house used in the filming of  "The Amateur Gentleman" one of three films produced by First National, directed by Sidney Olcott with Richard Barthelmess in the leading role Samuel S. Hinds interprets the Marquis of Jerningham, a small role in the credit .
The lawyer bears the brunt Ruined the 1929 crisis, he started in film at the age of 54 years. It runs in over 200 movies and manages to keep his mansion. Note that several films were shot 880 Loma Road including " Who's that Gir l" (1987) and " Beaches " ( 1988) and an episode of Columbo "Try and Catch Me " ( 1971).
Samuel Southey Hinds is buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery, Los Angeles.

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