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July 11, 2015




The death certificate of Gene Gauntier in Cuernavaca

In a previous post, I wrote how I found out where Gene Gauntier was buried: in Häringe Slott, who at the time was the summer residence of her sister Marguerite and her husba nd, the Swedish billionaire, Axel Wenner-Gren. The place is located 40 km south of Stockholm. Today, it is a luxury hotel that needs to be refreshed. Below cons a small video showing the tomb of Gene.

I look for what could have done the Kalem Girl, after her divorce with Jack Clark in 1918. She stopped the movies in 1920. She made her last appearance in Witch's Lure also called Witch's Gold directed by Nat Deverich.

She wrote two novels: The Sporting Girl, published in 1929 and Cabbages and Harlequins in 1933. She also completed her memoirs Blazing the Trail which published in 1928 and 29 in five episodes in Woman's Home Companion, a women's monthly.

Otherwise, Gene traveled a lot especially between the United States and Sweden, where she stayed with Margaret. I found passages aboard ocean liners in 1930, 1933, 1934, 1935... In March 1925, she traveled with her father, James Liggett.

From 31 September 1937 to 16 August 1938, she is a privileged passenger on the Southern Cross, the former Rover, a yacht her stepbrother bought the aviation tycoon and film producer Howard Hughes and has just to arm the colors of his country. The Swede began a world tour in which he mixes business with pleasure. Gene Gauntier consigned this world tour in a dairy. I look for a copy.

In 1942, Gene Gauntier joined her sister in Mexico, Cuernavaca, the City of Eternal Spring. Wenner-Gren was installed in the country since he was placed on a blacklist by the English and the Americans, who accuse him of Nazi sympathies. He was forced to leave the Bahamas and Paradise Island, the artificial island that was built near Nassau, the capital. The Swede will be cleared after the war.

Gene Gauntier died December 18, 1966 at 10:50 am, in Cuernavaca, at her home in Rancho Cortez, villas 100. Dr. Carlos Garcia Kirchner, for Cuernavaca, Abasolo 3543, has diagnosed the cause of the death: acute pulmonar edema, cardiac insufficiency and cerebral thrombosis.

She is incinerated in Mexico City and her ashes were gave to Marguerite. They will be buried at Häringe in 1973 after the death of the latter. I lead the investigation to find what happened to the rest of her belongings.


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