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March 3, 2015





"Egypt as it Was in the Time of Moses" on YouTube

Internet is full of surprises. I am looking for pictures of Luxor railway station within ten years. Nothing. Only photos of modern train station. An attempt to videos. Nor is there, if not a little film on YouTube in black and white.
Sequences of Egyptian peasants to work. They jump a little but in the left corner, a known brand : Kalem. It's a documentary. The film is siglé TFA- 68D and there is a time code. It was posted by 2masrnet with the caption : .Which can be translated as : rare film on the life of Egyptians in the 20s.

Some research in my documentation. No doubt it's " Egypt as It Was in the Time of Moses " a film shot by Sidney Olcott. A documentary of 1000 feet ( a reel of 12 to 15 min) while in general this kind of film does not exceed 300 feet. The tape is incomplete 5 min 42". Men are seen to gather reeds, beating cereals ; Women prepare food, cook pancakes and finally men who collect the clay Nile edge to shape bricks drying in the sun... The camera George Hollister is accurate, the photo beautiful.

















Left New York on December 2, 1911, the El Kalems as baptize the trade press, landed in Alexandria after crossing the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, shoting at each stop a short documentary film about the beauties and local life. We are on December 27, the crossing from Naples aboard Prinz Heinrich of the North German Lloyd was rude. Bad weather nailed Olcott and his team in their cabin.

From Alexandria, the troupe goes to Cairo. It lived in the palace of the city, the Shephaerd. Then took the train to Luxor. The makers of films take their quarters at the Luxor Hotel, a palace facing the temple, slightly withdrawal of the Nile, located near the Winter Palace. El Kalems staying three months, turning fifteen films in the area. Dramas of ancient Egypt, stories of Bedouin bandits who kidnap the beautiful Western, Oriental melodramas with rival women, missionaries... and documentaries like « Egypt as it Was in the Time of Moses » and which are listed below.
A number of films have survived , « Captured by Bedouins », « Winning a Widow », « Down Through the Ages » et « Ancient Temples of Egypt »...

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