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September 4, 2014





On the trail of Olcott in Egypt and Palestine

A new section on : places. The opportunity to go in the footsteps of Sidney Olcott. Ireland , Egypt, Palestine, Bermuda, New York , Jacksonville, Hollywood... the first film-maker traveler pitched his camera around the world. I intend to tell the traces that remain after 100 years.

Sorry for my English

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Films shot in the Middle East
In Luxor, Sidney Olcott shot 15 films
In Jaffa en route to Jerusalem, Olcott shoot a film
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Henderson-Bland, Olcott's Christ is not who one thinks

One day, Sidney Olcott wanted to become an American

Philly, le domestique d'Olcott disparaît en Egypte. Assassiné ?

Finally, Sidney Olcott's grave is in Toronto ! I saw its still

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Un meurtre dans l'immeuble d'Olcott





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