Sidney Olcott, le premier oeil
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 !  Les films floridiens de Sidney Olcott

Première saison 1909

A Florida Feud The Girl at the Old Mill
The Octoroon The High Diver
The New Minister The Old Soldier's Story
The Seminole's Vengeance The Cracker's Bride
Hungry Hank's Hallucination Sporting Days in the South
The Making of a Champion Pugilist The Fish Pirates
The Orange Grower's Daughter The Northern Schoolmaster
The Artist and the Girl Love's Triump hs
Good for Evil The Girl Spy
A Poor Wife's Devotion A Pig in a Poke
The Escape from Andersonville  

Deuxième saison 1910

A Slave to Drink The Deacon's Daughter
The Romance of Trained Nurse The Man Who Lost
The Step-Mother The Confederate Spy
The Feud The Fisherman's Granddaughter
The Miser's Child The Girl Thief
Her Soldier Sweetheart The Seminole's Trust
The Girl and the Bandit The Further Adventures of the Girl Spy
The Old Fiddler The Forager
The Bravest Girl of the South The Egret Hunter
The Seminole's Halfbreeds The Exiled Chief
A Daughter of Dixie

Troisième saison 1910-1911

Seth's Temptation When Lovers Part
The Stranger The Girl Spy Before Vicksburg
For Love of an Enemy Her Chum's Brother
The Little Sister Grandmother's War Story
The Diver In Old Florida
The Fiddle's Requiem In Blossom Time
Tangled Lives The Railroad Raiders of '62
The Love of Summer Morn The Little Soldier of '64
To the Aid of Stonewall Jackson The Colonel's Son
Peggy, the Moonshiner's Daughter The Romance of a Dixie Belle
Special Messenger Driving Home the Cows
A Southern Boy of '61

Quatrième saison 1913

A Daughter of Confederacy The Mystery of Pine Creek Camp
When Men Hate In the Power of the Hypnotist
In the Clutches of Ku Klux Klan  

Cinquième saison 1913-1914

When Men Would Kill In the Hands of a Brute
Mother of Men The Idle Rich
Tricking the Government The Little Rebel

Sixième saison 1914-1915

The Moth and the Flame The Ghost of Twisted Oaks
The Taint

Septième saison 1915-1916

My Lady Incog

anecdotes floridiennes

Jacksonville, Floride
Sidney Olcott installe le premier studio de cinéma en Floride, à Jacksonville. Principale ville de l'État..

Kalem, Gene Gauntier Feature Players, Sid Films, Paramount
Tout au long de sa carrière, Sidney Olcott restera fidèle à la Floride. Les mauvais jours arrivant à New York, il prend le paquebot ou le train et s'installe à Jaksonville pour l'hiver. Qu'il tourne pour Kalem, Gene Gauntier Feature Players, pour son propre compte, Sid Films, ou encore pour Paramount.

Les films floridiens  d'Olcott encore visibles
Parmi la longue liste des films tournés en Floride, un certain nombre ont survécu. Ce sont :
The Girl Spy (1909) 
The Further Adventures of the Girl Spy (1910) 
The Girl Spy Before Vicksburg (1910)
When Lovers Part (1910)
For Love of an Enemy (1910)
Her Chum's Brother (1910)
The Diver (1910)
The Fiddle's Requiem (1910)
The Little Soldier of '64 (1910)
A Sawmill Hero (1911)
Special Messenger (1911)
Tangled Lives (1911)
The Railroad Raiders of '62 (1911)
A War Time Escape (1911)
By A Woman's Wit (1911)

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