Sidney Olcott, le premier oeil
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 !  Les films présentés en 1912
Driving Home the Cows The O'Kalems Visit to Killarney
A Southern Boy of '61
The O'Neill
His Mother The Vagabonds
Far From Erin's Isle You Remember Ellen ?
A Visit to Madeira The Kalemites Visit Gibraltar
Along the Mediterranean The Potters of the Nile
American Tourists Abroad Egypt the Mysterious
Egypt as It Was in the Days of Moses The Fighting Dervishes of the Desert
Luxor Egypt Missionaries in Darkest Africa
Making Photoplay in Egypt A Pet of the Cairo Zoo
An Arabian Tragedy Captured by Bedouins
Tragedy of the Desert Winning a Widow
Nile Hippopotamus Egyptian Sports
A Prisoner of the Harem Easter Celebration at Jerusalem
Palestine From Jerusalem to the Dead Sea
Down Through the Ages of the Deserts The Ancient Port of Jaffa
Along the River Nile Ancient Temples of Egypt
The Poacher's Pardon From the Manger to the Cross
The Kerry Gow The Mayor from Ireland
Conway, the Kerry Dancer Ireland, the Oppressed
The Shaughraun

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