Sidney Olcott, le premier oeil
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 !  Les films présentés en 1909
The Trail of the White Man A Florida Feud
The Girl at the Old Mill The Octoroon
The Detectives of the Italian Bureau The High Diver
Sporting Days in the South The Making of a Champion Pugilist
The New Minister The Old Soldier's Story
The Seminole's Vengeance The Cracker's Bride
Hungry Hank's Hallucination The Mysterious Double
The Fish Pirates The Orange Grower's Daughter
The Northern Schoolmaster The Artist and the Girl
Love's Triumphs Good for Evil
The Girl Spy : An Incident fo the Civil War A Poor Wife's Devotion
A Pig in a Poke A Child of the Sea
The Omnibus Taxicab $ 5000 Reward
The Little Angel of Roaring Springs The Mystic Swing
A Priest of the Wilderness The Japanese Invasion
Famine in the Forest A Soldier of US Army
The Escape from Andersonville The Tom-Boy
Tickle Mary Factory Girl
Traced by a Kodak Out of Work
The Queen of the Quarry The Conspirators - An Incident of
a South American Revolution
The Pay Car Hiram's Bride
The Story of A Rose Winning a Dinner
The Winning Boat The Mystery of Sleeper Trunk
The Hand Organ Man The Man and the Girl
A Brother's Wrong The Girl Scout
The Cattle Thieves Pale Face's Wooing
The Governor's Daughter Judgement
The Geisha Who Saved Japan Rally Round the Flag
The Law of the Mountains The Card Board Baby
A Slave to Drink

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