Sidney Olcott, le premier oeil
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 !  Les films présentés en 1908
Ben Hur Days of '61
Back to the Farm Mountainers
The Merry Widow Dogs of Fashion
Quack Doctors Under the Star Spangled Banner
Evangeline The Stowanay
College Days The Banan'Man
Henry Hudson Way Down East
Washington at Valley Forge The Scarlet Letter
Captain Kid The Moonshiner's Daughter
Night Riders  
The Under Dog Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Kidnapped for Hate Dolly the Circus Queen
The White Squaw Man The Man Hunt
Enoch Arden Lady Audley's Secret
Held by Bandits The Little Madcap
Mrs Gunness, the Female Bluebeard Dynamite Man
The Renegade The New Hired Girl ????
A Gipsy Girl's Love The Walls of Sing Sing
The Girl Nihilist Robin Hood
The Frontiersman's Bride As You Like It
The Great Yellowstone Park Hold Up The Old Sleuth Detective
The Padrone The Mystery of the Bride in White
The Girl I Left Behind Me Caught in the Web
The Half Breed Jerusalem in the Time of Christ
David and Goliath Fire at Sea
  Humpty Dumpty Circus
The Railroad Detective Hannah Dustin
A Ragged Hero Maggie, the Dock Rat
For Love of Country The Molly Maguires
Red Cloud  

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